Significant Sneakers: Air Jordan 1, Converse Weapon, Pony City Wings, Etonic The Dream, adidas Forum, Nike Big Nike, New Balance Worthy, Spot-Bilt X-Press, adidas Conductor, Puma Sky LX

It's oft been said that Converse missed out – that they could have been Nike before Nike, what with their roster of superstars that included both Dr. J and the best rivalry in the game, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. But here's the thing. While Johnson certainly had Jordan beat in the charisma department (and still does), neither he nor Bird seemed particulary interested in pushing new product all the time. Bird wore a green version of the Pro Canvas for his first six or seven seasons, and Magic transitioned from the Pro Leather to the Pro Star. But during the 1986, both switched to the all-new Weapon, along with Bernard King, Mark Aguirre, Kevin McHale, and several other All-Stars. Even with Michael Jordan out for most of the season with a foot injury, the Weapon still had serious competition from many angles, whether it was rookie Patrick Ewing's adidas, Akeem Olajuwon's Etonics or James Worthy's New Balance. And while Jordan's own red, white and black kicks took the year off, there was always Spud Webb and his nearly identical Pony City Lights.