LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant 

James' Notable Sneakers:Nike Zoom LeBron II. Nike Zoom LeBron VI, Nike Air Max LeBron VII, Nike LeBron 8, Nike LeBron 9, Nike LeBron X                                                                                                                           Bryant's Notable Sneakers: Nike Air Huarache 2K5 PE, Nike Zoom Kobe IV, Nike Zoom Kobe V, Nike Zoom Kobe VI, Nike Zoom Kobe VII, Nike Zoom Kobe 8 

Years: 2004 - 2013 

We already broke this one down in its entirety. Outside of Mike, no two athletes have had so much success with their sneakers on and off the hardwood — this one is going to go down to each players final games. Nike, where's that NBA Finals you promised us?