Not sure if anyone has ever acknowledged this, but it needs to be said: Monta Ellis is the second best scorer in the league that wears Jordans. Melo is constantly credited for his versatility when it comes to getting buckets, but dammit that young Buck is no joke. Ellis connected on five of his 11 made field goals in the fourth quarter, scoring 27 for the game and leading the charge past Philadelphia at home for a 94-92 victory. The win may seem small right now, but considering the Sixers are in ninth place, right behind Milwaukee, this win could mean the difference between making or missing the playoffs come the end of the regular season.

Ellis did damage in the Air Jordan XVII last night, utilizing the reinforced midsole to attack the basket (three of the five fourth quarter shots we in the paint) with a stable and secure footing. Even though Ellis isn't a Bobcat, you know MJ is selective about who represents his brand. Fun to figure he was somewhere watching with a cigar watching all his disciples, happy to see his shoes warn by someone giving out the work on the court.

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