When it comes to athleticism the comparisons are drawn by commentators nearly every game. Eric Bledsoe has been called the six-foot LeBron because of his physique, and if his stat-line of 27 points, six rebounds and six steals last night in the 86-76 road win over the Magic wasnt close enough to keep the nickname up, wearing the LeBron X during the game was.

Bledsoe is cut from the cloth of the new breed of power-point guards. He’s quick, strong, aggressive and has bounce that’s normally seen in power fowards. Yet, his court vision and speed are always visible like a traditional lead guard. So what better shoe to harness that much power and as many different skills that Bledsoe brings? The LeBron X with its visible Zoom unit and FlyWire construction fit Bledsoe’s game, helping him take over while his mentor CP3 is sidelined.

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