Rembert Browne

Favorite Model: Air Jordan XIII "White/True Red - Black"

When I was 10, all that mattered was getting home from school, playing driveway basketball with my neighborhood, and saying "MJ" — aloud or internally — every time I drove to the basket, accidentally biting my wagging tongue or fading away for a jumper, even when no one was playing defense. Unfortunately, up until Christmas 1997, I did all this while wearing non-Jordans. And then, finally, mom blessed my feet and reputation with my first pair of Jordans, the XIIIs, which just so happen to be the most beautiful sneakers ever created. From the dots to the hologram to the fact they looked PERFECT with quarter-length black socks and And1 shorts (brand mixing is a gift, not a sin), I can never thank Tinker Hatfield enough for these gems.