Marcus Jordan

Favorite Model: Jordan Retro V "Raging Bull Pack," Air Jordan V "Black/Metallic Silver," Air Jordan VI "Black/Infrared," Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan 1 "Banned."*
Twitter: @SASBMJ

Air Jordan V:

One of my all-time favorites definitely have to be the Vs! I believe they debuted in '90 and I was also born in '90 (on December 24th). I also like to think I'm the luck that brought the championship run in '91, haha. Also, my "lucky" number you can say is 5, which subsequently became my jersey number (2+3= 5) I also have a tattooed left upper arm sleeve that has the number 5 written in different languages!

Air Jordan VI:

The design of this shoe is just beautiful and the black and Infrared colorway are such a NASTY look that this is one of my favorites for sure. I still have several in the silver packaging! Ha.

Air Jordan XI:

Obviously this could easily be one of the best shoes EVER created. Any colorway in this shoe is a MUST HAVE. Don't even get me started on these! Also, fun fact: if you go back and look at pictures from my UCF hoop days I always debuted whatever colorway was that year in like the first week of December! (Space Jams, Cool Greys, Concords, freshman, sophomore, junior seasons.)

Retro 1 "Banned"

I love this shoe for so many reasons. Just the boldness of taking a stand and doing something different and still doing it while getting fined is just too gangsta to go unrecognized. The black and red with the Bulls uniform has truly become art now. And that always deserves a salute! AND I have a few game-worn that my dad kept for me, Jeff and Jasmine to go with our jerseys and rings.

*Mike's kids can pick as many favorites as they want