Gary Warnett

Favorite Model: Air Jordan IV "White/Cement"

I should say something deliberately obscure, but the white/cement Jordan IV is my favourite Air Jordan of all time. I never had them back in the day - I had the Fire Reds because they sold them in my town, but the white/cements were never in any store I lurked in circa 1989. If you asked me a couple of years ago, I would have said white/cement Jordan IIIs, but it pains me to say that ubiquity has deaded their aura - that shoe should have presence; not be worn by 30 guys in any square mile I occupy. The III was only available from a handful of stores in London and the price was £100+ in 1988. I never knew anyone that had them. I remember people deriding the Mocha III Retro+ for being a new colourway, but you know what? At this exact moment in time, I'd know somebody wearing that shoe gets it. I can't say that about anyone wearing the OG colourways. I hope they never reissue those, because I wouldn't be surprised if my mum broke out some True Blues these days.

I actually really like the Jordan XI Low IE, but nobody else seems to. That shoe used elephant print when using elephant print was an amazing thing to do. I don't know if it's internet folklore, but I heard that IE stood for "International Edition" because we overseas folks couldn't cope with patent toes. I wear my white/cement IVs a lot. They've been in the sea, sand and snow over the last 12 months. That speckle is a good dirt camo and despite the build quality they've held up pretty well. I hate it when friends meet me wearing the same shoe though. Unless you were Heavy D or one of the Skinny Boys, wearing the same Jordans as all your boys was and is still the corniest thing ever.