Fat Joe

Favorite Model: Air Jordan VIII "Black/Chrome"
Twitter: @fatjoe

The black VIIIs with the strap. My second favorites would be the Bugs Bunny VIIs. But, the way the color pops out on the VIIIs and the straps, that shoe is just mean, it feels original. It's hard to describe but that shoe has always caught my eye, like 'wow'. As soon as they came out, I got them. I have probably three pairs of those, untouched. Jordans in general I have at least 1,000 pair. The thing is, not only is Mike the greatest basketball player of all time, but being an entrepreneur, he's been retired for like 10 years now, and the fact his brand and his sneakers continue to grow and be hotter, his legacy inspires us as entrepreneurs to push forward. We know it can happen because of him. He set the blueprint.