DJ Clark Kent

Favorite Model: Air Jordan III "Black/Cement" / Air Jordan XI "Concord" (tie)
: @DJClarkKent

The last time black/cement IIIs released I bought 30 pair, the last time Concords came out I copped 25, and then another re-release I copped five more pair. The black/cement was perfect execution of the Jordan 3. If the white/grey/cement Fire Red ever released it'd be equivalent to the black/cement. If you ever see a picture of Jordan with those white/grey cement and Fire Red. My fucking GOD! It was the same cement that was on the True Blues. I'm still blown away by that shoe. I always thought to myself I had an ability to do a shoe with Jordan, I'd do that shoe.

But Concords are just absolutely perfect looking. They are the tuxedo of all Jordan shoes. They are the most perfectly clean looking Jordan I've ever seen. No Jordan ever looked that clean, period. The white on them, look super-white. They are just perfect looking. Me personally, I have trouble wearing them. I have a bunch of them, but I have issues pulling a pair out the box and wearing them, it has to be a perfectly sunny day for me to wear them. Concords? Motion picture, movie shit. It's like I shouldn't even do one-a-days with a camera, I should do it with a video camera. If I could only have two Jordans for the rest of my life, these would be it.

Happy Birthday, MJ, thank you for setting the bar every basketball player since you has tried to reach. Thank you for providing the goal for the future. People don't say "that's very Kobe-like, or Bird-like or Magic-like" no one wants to be like any other player than Mike. In their heart, they want to be the new Mike. He's the official bar.