Golf footwear brand FootJoy markets itself as “The #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf.” And the numbers definitely back it up, as the Massachusetts-based brand is currently is in fact the number one seller of both shoes and gloves in the Unites States. FootJoy’s golf shoes generally offer the perfect blend of performance and traditional design that falls in line with the style of the sport. However the brand is taking a more modern approach with its latest footwear collection, the M Project series.

The M Project series consists of 10 style options, five of which are cleated, and the other five being spikeless. Each shoe features the same low-profile design, just with varying color combinations to give each one some individual appeal. Players have the option to choose between either a leather upper or a high performing mesh upper, depending on personal preference. There’s even an option to go with the BOA lacing system for the players who like to get in and out of their shoes quickly. Regardless of which you decide to go with, each one comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

The M Project shoes are priced at $135 for the spikeless, and $145 for the spiked versions.

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