Year: 2011

Warrior Footwear is the everyman's shoe. Originally a sporting shoe for Chinese athletes, Warrior (or "Huil Li" as it is known in Mandarin) has been a household name in China since the 50's. I've seen them around plenty as a kid when visiting the homeland, but never paid them any mind. They first appeared on our radar in 2008 packaged with a book of photographs featuring Chinese people wearing them, the amazing work of Finnish-Chinese graphic design student Shumeng Ye. We bought a sizerun for the store and they sold out in a flash. We kept a relationship with the brand ever since (they're available for retailers via Patta Distribution). In 2011 we got together with the brand to work on a set of Warrior Clubs. The uppers feature simple and effective pen scratches (done by hand for every pair!). A Staedtler stationery set came with every pair, containing a corresponding Lumocolor 318 Permanent marker, Mars Lumograph HB pencil, Mars Plastic slide sleeve eraser and a mini writing pad.