Year: 2012

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Workout Plus, Reebok commissioned 15 global retailers, including Patta, for a personal take on the classic model. The only guideline was to incorporate something workout-related. We chose to interpret "exercise" in the broadest sense of the word: Slow versus fast, clumsiness versus nimbleness, tortoise versus hare... The hare... Now the hare would be perfect to serve as our main inspiration to stay with the theme of speed and agility. We played around with various hues of grey as the main color, and made it pop with organic shades of pink and green. Natural earth tones to keep it sober, juxtaposed by a wild hairy upper to make them stand out on your feet. When we least expect it, the hare darts out of the ditch. And there you have it, the Patta x Reebok Workout Plus. The release included Reebok varsity jackets and a hardcover book featuring images and background information about every shoe in the project.

Patta x Reebok Workout Plus 25th Anniversary from Masta Lee on Vimeo.