Lyrics: Entire Song
Artist: Run-D.M.C.
Track Title: "My adidas"

You guys probably remember that adidas commercial from a while back with Big Sean and Nicki Minaj. It has them cavorting along the streets of Paris, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, and Rio de Janeiro with all sorts of colorful outfits and people. It's all cute, but cutedoesn't exactly hold a candle to the iconic status Run-D.M.C. pushed the brand toward in the '80s.

The trio's representation of the brand went beyond style. Run-D.M.C. transformed shelltoes into a statement — almost a symbol of machismo that happened to have that swag. Once you put on those adidas you're doing the "illest things," which ranges from (but not limited to): stomping out diamond ring-clad pimps, rocking the beat, or just chillin'. Shoelaces aren't required

"My Adidas" was so good that it actually broke new ground for hip-hop, without even creasing the kicks. adidas ended up giving Run-D.M.C. an endorsement deal, which was a first for a hip-hop artist. It's a business, man.