Lyrics: "The worst-hated God who perpetrated odd favors/Demonstrated in the perforated Rod Lavers"
Artist: MF DOOM
Track Title: "Meat Grinder"

On his Rod Lavers entry for The 50 Greatest Tennis Sneakers of All-Time list, Adam Leaventon wrote "The Laver was a grown man's shoe too. So whenever I saw it, it was on an older person." It makes sense DOOM refers to it because he's the very representative of grown man shit on Madvillainy. The kiddies weren't getting any hooks or any of that stuff; DOOM was spitting lyrical labyrinths over a hazed-out environment in that ever gritty, husky tone. It's OK to not get the villain. Just make sure you check the Rod Lavers. You're not invited to take those bong hits in the West Coast anyways.