Kobe Bryant has tried everything he knows to get this team to work and has publicly said the Lakers would figure it out. First he tried dropping 40 points to prove a point. The Lakers have lost every time he’s scored 40 points this season. Then he gave out death glares and coaches who shall remain nameless were fired. So what could Kobe do to get through to his team? Well, lets think: he has great vision, court awareness and understanding of the game. Even in his old age, teams still double team him. Everyone in any arena knows the focus will be on Bryant when the Lakers are playing. What could he do?

He can, and does, still score, but maybe dish out some assists? How about 14 to go along with 21 points and nine rebounds to beat OKC, 105-96 at home. Hey, and why not put on a full display of how the Kobe System 8’s work? Maybe show how the Lunarlon cushioning protects his landings, how the dynamic fit allows his 34-year-old legs to still beat defenders with his quick first-step and how the web-rubber outsole allows him to plant securely when he needs to rise above the youngin’s to take game winning shots? All that.

Ya’ know, that might just work.

Mamba out.

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