When will opposing teams get it about Jamal Crawford? Other than the duel threat that is CP3, Crawford is the Clippers most dangerous player. His scoring does so much more than put points on the board. Consider it like this: Crawford scores, his team gets hype, his team gets hype and then they go on huge runs. Crawford isn’t the heart of the team—he’s the adrenaline.

Crawford recently came in at number six on our 10 greatest performances Nike Hyperdunks list for scoring 29 points in 30 minutes. Well, in last night’s 117-109 road win in Houston, Crawford shot 11-20 (5-7 from the 3) to score 30 in 29 minutes. Dammit Jamal, now we’ve got to make a new list. Decked out in blue Hyperdunks, Crawford hit his defender with this hesitation move  by using the traction patterns to start and stop and the FlyWire upper to securely move his feet with steps.

Maybe teams will catch on to Crawford soon. Then again, maybe they have caught on and there's just nothing they can do about him.

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