Because I am a huge dork the most important thing for me when it comes to sneakers is the sole. When everybody was losing their fucking mind over Nike's HTM Flyknits and the prospect of wearing Missoni sweaters on their feet, I was geeked up on my favorite Lunar sole of all time. Most people never got their hands on a pair of the HTM Flyknits (I mean, I did, because dorks can still be cool), but anyone picking up what I'm putting down with this whole sole business should holler at a pair of Nike's new Lunaracer+ 3. Straight up, these look like Tier Zero bangers regardless of the fact that they are general release serf slippers. I would imagine there are a handful of technical innovations that come with these, but let's be honest, nobody reading this cares about any of that shit. Sorry, Beaverton. The colorways available aren't going to give anyone a bone—remember, this is a shoe Nike is pushing to everyone, including people that live in, like, Ohio—so my recommended Otto von Coppington would be black/white.