They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery but if you've ever been on the receiving end of a biter, you know that it's no good. In 2009, adidas Originals launched their first collection from Jeremy Scott. It was something that the sneaker community had never seen before. The designs were seen as eccentric, over-the-top with color, over-sized tongues and unbelievable accoutrements. There was one design element that stood out above others, the removable "Wings" that made the adidas Originals JS Wings silhouette so unique. As wild and out there as the style was, it caught on amongst an audience looking for a way to do something different from the norm. adidas Originals giving Jeremy Scott the freedom to create such unheard of styles has been commendable since the beginning and over the past few years, the JS Wings have become one of the most popular sneakers from the Jeremy Scott collections. That popularity has apparently reached new heights with the discovery of Shwings (thanks to Jeff Staple), a blatant ripoff of the Jeremy Scott Wings design. Interestingly enough, the Shwings website shows pictures of the attachable wings on both kids and adult sneakers from a variety of brands. Palladium, Nike, Converse and a list of others are pictured but noticeably absent are any adidas sneakers. Wonder if Jeremy Scott and adidas Originals will be joining Shwings Nation anytime soon?