The price of sneakers, like nearly everything else in life, is constantly on the rise. We've seen the Air Jordans we wished for as kids nearly double in price over the last 10 years or so, but it is more than the cost of popular retro models that has gone up. Even the entry-level shoes of the past have gotten more expensive to make and brands continue to pass that cost increase along to consumers. Now the government is getting more involved in the sneaker game, and not just in the form of tariffs. 

Illinois Representative Will Davis wants to create a new tax that would add 25 cents to the cost of each pair of new sneakers. His intent is good: The sneaker tax would generate an estimated $3 million annually and the funds would go towards a program that would prepare youth for jobs, in theory improving the quality of the work force.

The athletic shoe tax is a bit vague, but it's a safe bet that most of the shoes in the closet of your favorite sneakerhead would be considered athletic. The same can be said about most of your future purchases. When asked about who wears athletic shoes the most, Davis replied, "it's probably kids." 

Age aside, if the bill passes this week, Illinois 'heads may be spending a bit more on their future sneaker purchases. And if it passes in Illinois, it seems likely that other states could follow suit. Are you willing to spend that little bit more? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

[via Quad City Times]