The New York Knicks are 12-4, 7-0 at home, and Carmelo Anthony is sharing the ball and trusting his teammates. Let's say that one more time: the Knicks are undefeated at home. The biggest factor for the NYK is mainly Carmelo Anthony's willingness to pass the ball and keep good rotation within the offense.

Perhaps this is one of those signs of 2012 the Mayans we talking about.

Either way, Melo is ballin’ on a level we've yet to truly see from him. The Knicks look great; so full of energy, despite the constant reminders that they’re the oldest team in the league. It’s far enough into the season to be excited about NYK and Melo’s in game performances. His signature shoe, the Melo M8 Advance, has lived up to its potential, too. It’s upper, much like its primary wearer, is tough yet smooth with its nubuck and Flywire materials. And the grip on the rubber outsole allows Melo to get superb traction from anywhere on the court, which helps because he can score from anywhere on the court.

He’s just smart enough, now, to know the right moments to do it.

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