Year Released: 1989

Ok, I don't have any good reason to knock these at Number 19. Reebok made a power move with the Pump initiative, and went right after Nike, and if you can't appreciate that, you are Cowboys-Lakers-Yankees fan (all three at the same time, a/k/a a soulless front runner. . .). Also, you can tell that a lot of thought went into the technology that 95% of wearers weren't going to care about (Coolmax lining, Hexalite, protective rubber toe at Michael Chang's suggestion ("thanks Mike, great suggestion!... [can someone get this nerd the fuck out of the conference room?]")). But also the tricknology that 95% of the wearers apparently did care about and still do today. The Pump. So, yes, I get it, and yes objectively I can appreciate it. And I do like the Instapump Fury, so I'm not anti-pump or anything. I just. It's just. Eh. Next shoe.