Year Released: 1986

Raise your hand if you are 17. Now keep it raised if you have won Wimbledon. Didn't think so. Go home and consider where it all went wrong. Consider dropping out of school. Definitely stop wasting your parents money on sneakers. Boris Becker won Wimbledon when he was unseeded and 17, a year after going pro. He wore Ellesse from the socks up and Puma footwear. In 1986, Puma came with a butter soft nappa leather shoe (Reebok was doing it, so a lot of other brands started to do it too) called the Becker Ace. I first saw this shoe on the wall at Everyone's Racquet in Center City Philadelphia. Phase Ones had been copped the spring prior. To me, the Becker had everything the Phase One had, including the cushy terry lining, but with a blue Boris Becker signature that looked metallic when the light hit it right and some added detail and color. These were an immediate purchase for me. I have two pairs on ice right now. What am I doing not wearing these?