Year Released: 1982

The Nike Impulse was a very dope shoe with a very unique profile. It also had metallic silver underlays if I am remembering it correctly. Which doesn't mean anything, but it's just a weird and interesting materials decision, especially when you combine it with natural nubuk overlays. The shoe was a three quarters, and was basically a Mac Attack before the Mac Attack, on a PU midsole. Whenever I saw this shoe on feet, the PU midsole had always already turned to margarine. I am going to take another guess at what happened here. If I'm wrong, that's ok and maybe it will even get someone involved with the Mac Attack to snap back (more information is always better). I am guessing that the product team worked with the athlete and offered him an array of general silhouette types as the starting point for his signature model. I have to imagine that when the Mac Attack design conversation happened between John McEnroe and the Nike footwear team, the Impulse was one of the shoes on the table during that conversation.