Year Released: 1986

Bally is Swiss brand that had itself a little rap moment around 1984. Bally was part of hip hop culture for some time prior to the launch of Bally sneakers in the US, selling primarily colored suede chukka styles. There were two key Bally sneaker styles that made some noise. The first one was called the Competition (because there weren't already enough shoes in the market called the Competition). That's the one that most people probably know. Doug E. Fresh was wearing them with white floods on the cover of "Oh, My God!" But the Bally sneakers that most people wore were called The Court. The Court had a very pliable, siped gum bottom and came in a variety of suede flavors, notably all-over white suede. To me, The Court looks like it was built more for a squash court than a tennis court. It was the popularity of brands like Bally that led to the emergence of lower pricepoint "street fashion" brands like Travel Fox. I have heard Ballys made around that time hurt to wear.I didn't have much exposure to Bally, and I never wore a pair. Consequently, my corns are a-o-k.