Year Released: 1978

The original Nasty Nas was a shaggy Romanain guy who did what few others did—got his face on the tongue of an adidas shoe. Now you might say "who cares?" and in 2012 that might be fair to say. Over the years, adidas has become much more generous with its tongue and it is willing to tongue a lot more faces. But at that time, there were very few athletes who received that treatment. So that feature, plus a classic silhouette, gets the shoe on this list. Let's also not forget that Nastase won [who cares how many] tournaments and was ranked [who cares] in the year [I don't care]. What you need to know about Nastase is that he apparently applied the Shoe Goo to over 2,500 women and whenever he played against a South African opponent—this was during the Apartheid era—he greeted his opponent at the net by saying "hello, racist." How dope is that? Nastase was allegedly able to rip referees a new one in six different languages, and he once threw a Nastase Super at a referee for decaring a foot fault. Nasty.