Year Released: 1984

Frick whatever the frack you heard about the Air Jordan III any Jordan being the first $100 shoe. The Lendl Supreme and Forum were the first $100 shoes. Period. The Lendl Supreme was not a shoe that was attainable for me or anyone I knew. But goddamn did I fiend for it. I always sort of just assumed that Ivan Drago was based on Ivan Lendl. A very effective, but very boring and predictable machine. Maybe that's why adidas had to do work on the Lendl collection over the years. This shoe was the opposite of Ivan Lendl. Full of tricks and treats, molded pieces, overlays, the whole nine. The shoe changed over time to incorporate the cat logo, when that became part of the apparel collection. adidas also took almost the exact same upper, popped it on the Rod Laver tooling and called it the Lendl Champ.