Year Released: 1984

I got jumped in 1984. I was in front of an arcade called Zounds on 15th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia. I was wearing some crispy new Top Tens. Foam tongues fully erect. New York laces (fat laces. . . we called them New York laces). Exactly enough money in my blue checkerboard OP velcro wallet to see Beat Street at the SamEric theater. Feeling like the mack! Until some bigger kid said "run them shoes!" I can't front. I just handed him my wallet instead. Now, there is no way I could pick this kid out of a lineup now, and I couldn't do it then. But what got stuck in my brainpiece in that split fight or flight (or just handover the damn wallet) nanosecond was duke's shoes. He had white-forest green Shells with two different flavors of green New York laces. That was crazy to me. Totally worth the $2.50 he took off of me. I needed to somehow get my gradient flavor on. I saw Adi color markers for sale ONCE at a store (a Hallmark store), and swore to god if I ever found them again, I'd freak some natural on whites into three shades of blue; then I found Lendl Pros. But I had no money. Damn.