Year Released: 1996

"Snakeskin just sits with the AF1 well — that whole 1980s hustler legacy behind it is part of the shoe's power. Now everyone's playing with reptile (to be fair, adidas did an excellent job of it back in the 1980s and early 1990s too) but in small doses, it's even more lethal. To me, there's a trinity of reptile — this 1996 duo is best, followed by the 3M snakes and the Cocoa snakes. The Cocoas lose points for the retro. Who was doing this kind of thing in 1996? It's sublime — some would argue that a gum sole would have been a perfect finish, but everyone slept on these. Everybody. The Ivory snake swoosh and the context of the shoe's release makes this my favourite Air Force 1 ever. I've seen this twice, beneath plastic with a yellowing sole. It actually looks even better with the yellowing, too." - @gwarizm