Year Released: 2001

"My man was like 'Clark, I know you want to go sneaker shopping when you come over to Japan, I heard these [Linens] are coming out.' I asked him to send a picture, and back then there was no such thing as a digital camera, so he actually mailed me a picture. I was supposed to be in Japan the week after, but I called all the promoters I was working for to see if I could play the week before. One promoter couldn't move the date up, and I told him I'd play for him for free. I flew in on a Thursday, got paid on Friday. From the money I made on Friday, I took a part of it, and literally bought 10 pair of Linens on that Saturday. I was driving around town to every store trying to get every 11.5, or 12, or 11. There was no lines, no hysteria. I was like, I want every one in my size. And if I had any brain, I would've bought them in every size I could've." - @DJClarkKent