Mike Watson 

Sneaker shop: Got Sole Boutique in Indianapolis, IN 

Mike says: "As a longtime sneaker connoisseur, the concept of starting a sneaker shop had been incubating in my head for a long time (mid/late '90s). My past jobs (store manager, buyer, VP DMM) had me traveling quite a bit, so as I trend shopped I would always seek out the more exclusive sneaker and streetwear spots looking for something different. Years ago there weren't that many spots outside of New York and California, but I would find them and always come home with several pair of new kicks or some fresh gear that most people had never seen before. Whenever I'd be out and about I would constantly get asked 'Where'd you get those?,' 'Where'd you get that?,' etc... so I guess it was destiny. Being in an established corporate position for many years, I never knew when or if I would ever get a chance to make it happen—then during the middle of 2007 an opportunity presented itself for me to either continue in the corporate world or venture out on my own—obviously I chose the latter and decided to make my vision a reality."