If the current year isn't one of the greatest years in sneaker history, there must be something wrong. Thankfully, this is not the case. We are living in a golden age, where retro and new product not only co-exist, but at times push each other forward. Tinker Hatfield, resposnible for much of Nike's significant output of the past 25 years, is not only still designing, but still pushing onward ahead of the next generation of designers who learned from his creations. His Zoom Vapor 9 Tour, the signature shoe of Roger Federer, was sketched on an iPad — where he now does all of his work. Meanwhile, adidas's "adiZero" line continues to push the barriers of lightweight, while Vibram's soles have found their way on everything from skate shoes (iPath) to minimalist runners (New Balance). Both Nike and adidas introduced revolutionary knit shoes. Swizz Beatz has been raiding Reebok's archives to bring back some of their most beloved silhouettes, while Nike's NSW, Vans Vault (and Syndicate) and adidas Originals' Consortium have done tremendous work with their own. And even a company like Nike has embraced seeming conflicting ideas — the Roshe Run as sneaker without baggage, and Nike+ fully bringing footwear into the information age. And just think — we still have a quarter of the year to go.