Maybe you've read something about this somewhere already, but Allen Iverson's classic Reebok The Answer IV is returning to stores on August 10th. The Answer IV has had perhaps the most interesting life of any Iverson shoe, being that it was worn during his MVP/Finals season, then later revived as a team shoe in a zillion colors thanks to Eastbay. During the initial release in 2001, it was also seen as both a low-top and a slip-on. Plus, there were editions celebrating AI's on-court achievements. So, with the black/white and red/white models on the schedule, we thought we'd dig up some Answer IVs that you likely WON'T be seeing again. (Reebok Global VP Todd Krinsky talks about how well the Answer IV took color here—he isn't wrong.) Click through the gallery for 13 Super-Rare Reebok Answer IVs. And if you have any of these, you might want to hang onto them.

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