Year Released: 1989

The late ‘80s were a strange time for skate shoes. Earlier in the decade, Vans had stopped paying skaters, so they began skating in a bizarre mish-mash of clearance basketball shoes including a plethora of original Air Jordans that would make a current collector cringe. So when Vans contacted original Bones Brigade member Steve Caballero and offered him not only a salary, but a signature shoe, this marked the start of a whole new era. Inspired equally by the vulcanized Vans he’s worn starting out and the padded high-cut basketball shoes he’d worn more recently, Caballero came up with a suede vulc hightop that would still influence skate shoe style 20-plus years later. Three years after the Cab’s introduction, street skaters would trim down the high-cut for increased mobility, and the Half Cab was born.