Did you know that at any given Olympics there are a handful of athletes that compete as individuals? The IOA (Independent Olympic Athletes) compete on behalf of themselves and have no national affiliation with any of the countries participating in the games. It's basically the only thing event remotely badass about The Olympics—in a sea of overblown nationalism and patriotism there stand the lone wolves, the best being Reginald DE Windt, a judo ninja from Curaçao, obviously. Starting tomorrow at the London 2012 games there will be 4 Olympic athletes repping the IOA and Nike is going to dress these assassins. The Nike IOA collection is small (a scarf, a jacket and a sneaker), but this stuff is almost as rad as the athletes themselves. The best of the pieces has to be the exclusive Flyknit sneaker the 4 solo athletes get to rock. The IOA just became the coolest club in the world.