Remember Magic Johnson? That dude on the Lakers way back when? Yeah, that guy. Now, remember what shoes he wore? No, not those. Nope, not those either. Exactly, he wore some forgettable Converse joints that we don't give that much of a shit about.

Now, remember Michael Jordan? I don't even have to give you his full name. Remember Jordan? Remember MJ? Remember J? I can probably just say, "Remember J?" and you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. What about those shoes he wore? Of course you remember those—the first iconic, true signature sneaker that had people going nuts. (Literally, the NBA fined Jordan $5K each game that he wore the black and red Jordan I's). And, uh, duh, that's exactly what Nike wanted.

The folks over at Deadspin took a look at Jack McCallum's new book Dream Team (a subject that we wrote about a couple weeks ago), which mentions how the popularity of Jordan's sneakers wasn't solely due to his athletic prowess (although that sure as hell played a part), but partly due to Nike's marketing genius and their willingness to pump their entire marketing budget into one athlete. Nike and MJ may have saved the world while wearing the 11's, but they changed the world with every single one of their releases. Check out the full article and learn a few things at Deadspin.