Fabolous says: "The Charcoal IXs, I wasn't crazy about the IXs, but of course I've had a few pairs of them, and the charcoal color was just one of my favorite colors. The color scheme of Jordans of course has always been black and red, or white, black and red; this one was black and red but they added the charcoal grey to it, and I think it just made a fine touch. I remember I got those when they first came out. Even though the OGs of those I guess have no change from what these are now, but I remember getting those original, and when I got 'em I was just like, 'man, these are just smooth, these are slick,' it was dark, it still had that touch of red, that red was so bright on it, it was like a dark shoe with like an infrared light on it. It was just a dope shoe too, to me."