Before LeBron there was Chris Webber — considered a prodigy on the court early in his teens, reppin’ Michigan to the fullest. Before the blogs and ESPN specials, C-Webb was getting national attention for his game organically. You know the rest — he stayed in-state and was at the forefront of one of the biggest college basketball movements of all time, kickstarting the all-black everything movement way before Shawn Carter. He jumped to the NBA early, made a few dollars, dated Tyra Banks, and put up double-doubles on a nightly basis. As much as he was known for his solid play on the floor, Chris Webber was also known for his style and his kicks. Check the resume in our gallery as murder Mayce (his real name) starts in New Balance and well, we don’t want spoil the rest — dude rocked a half dozen brands. Check out Chris Webber’s Greatest Sneaker Moments and let us know which pair you need back in your rotation.

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