You feel that? You know, the brisk, fall air — which means one of two things — time to line up that winter vacay down in South Beach and also time to set the Xbox aside and hit up the great outdoors. So to kill two birds with one stone, we suggest enjoying some nice, plush scenery while also getting in a good workout — you know — for that South Beach getaway that we mentioned. To do it right, though, just as with anything else, it's crucial to rock the most accommodating footwear. So hit your local REI to snag some ultra-healthy bird food — we mean energy bars — as well as a canteen or two — we mean water bottle — and then take a look out our Guide to the Best Trail Runners Available Right Now. If you have to — just channel your inner Gump. Run, Forrest, Run. (These also work fine as foul-weather gear for work or school if you're not the fitness type. We won't tell.)

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