Even if it's just for these next few minutes, we want you to try and discard all preconceived notions of what's hot right now, what's been hot, and the inevitable Hester Prynne-like stigma that's hand stitched onto every pair of fake kicks. Last week we took a look at The 20 Craziest Fake Kicks on the Internet, and in scouring the net in search of frauds, it became apparent to us that while some of the creations were quite "crazy," others were not all that far-fetched.

Now, we aren't necessarily saying that we'd rock any of these per se, and you definitely shouldn't be logging into PayPal getting ready to splurge, but we did recognize some potential in these fakes. In the farmland of frauds, these were the cream of the crop. In a bar full of grenades, these were the "it's the last call," "doable" ones. So keep an open mind, adjust your beer goggles, and take a look at 10 Fake Kicks We Wish Were Real...

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