by Brian Jones

Every skateboarder has his own individual style. What was/is a great shoe for a skater in Orange County, CA is not necessarily the hot shoe for a skater in Germany, Australia, or Japan. Sure, there’s been a lot of global carry-over for trends in skate shoes, and these are covered here, but in all honesty there can never be an all-time list for something like this. But because we do lists around here and because we want to push a few buttons, we hit up Brian Jones, a skateboarder, brand guy, and a writer who has been in the industry for years on all sides of the game, obsessing and bleeding skateboarding since 1985. Jones tapped a few of skateboarding's greats to assist in narrowing down this list a bit better and have it be as unbiased as possible. Take a gander and reminisce to what was a great shoe for you, what you wished would have just went away as fast as it came, and what has stood the test of time. Click on the tumbnails above for The 50 Greatest Skateboard Shoes of All Time.