We understand the world of the sneakerhead, and we love everything about it—but we're also the first to acknowledge that it can get weird. Weird like waiting in line overnight for a pair of shoes. Weird like skipping rent to buy a pair of Jordans. Weird like talking to dudes at parties about sneakers instead of going after models and bottles. But there are times when sneaker culture hits society at large, too, when normal people get a glimpse into our crazy world. Like when mom asks you if you're going to get "the Tiffany shoes." To help lock down the moments when sneakerhead culture crossed over into the mainstream we hit up Gary Warnett of crookedtongues.com. Gary has been in the sneaker game for years, and has been analyzing its effects on hip-hop, cool-guy, and popular culture from the get, so it only made sense that we bring him on board for a history of sneakerhead culture crossing over...

Words by Gary Warnett

Tags: sneakerheads
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