The 50 Greatest Air Max 90s of All Time

AM 90 "Infrared" OG

Year: 1990

Duh. Nobody seemed to need a wacky subplot to justify a color back in 1989—it was just a case of what looked good. The ultimate Air Max 90 started life with "Air Max" on the box and "red" listed as the colorway, and the rest was history. The 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2010 Infrared retros are cool and all, but they don't capture the look of the original red Air Max 90. Truth be told, if you want to really capture the essence of this model as a resurrected release, pick up the MX Oranges from 2002. Or, just get the 2010 version and bitch about how "no one makes them the way they used to." 'Cause no one does.

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