Mayor's Top 50 Air Force 1's

Nike Air Force 1 Low Bespoke "Mayor Strawberry Quik"

Year: : 2009

"I don't want to sound pigheaded, but I created a shoe and called it the "Strawberry Quik" because I based it on Strawberry Quik, one of my favorite things to drink growing up. This became one of my favorite shoes the minute I designed it. I must have got 400 emails/personal messages telling me how this was people's favorite sneakers. With that said, it did get to my head a little bit and that's why it's here, haha. Nah, it's here because I gauged the shoe, and I placed it where I placed it because of the response I got from everybody else. And to be honest, it's also one of my favorites of all time."

Tags: mayor
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