As 2009 comes to a close, Complex will be releasing a series of lists recapping the year's best, from albums to girls. To kick things off, we put together a celebrity panel of sneaker heads to help us determine the best kicks of 2009. We recruited Matt Halfhill (, DJ Clark Kent (God's favorite DJ and sneaker connoisseur), Mayor (AF1 king), Wil Whitney (Founder of Nom de Guerre and Nike 21 Mercer Head Coach), and Chris Vidal (ALIFE manager), along with Complex sneaker experts Bradley Carbone and Joe La Puma. Nothing's getting by this team.

Before we drop the panel's official top 10, we're giving each of our trusted contributors the chance to tell you about their personal favorites. Today we're taking a look at NYC sneaker kingpin, Mayor's Top Ten Sneakers of 2009...


#10: Nike Hypermax NFW "Tennis Ball"
MAYOR SAYS: "The buzz that was created around the shoe was phenomenal. The tennis ball aspect was great. The fact that everybody went crazy for that colorway and the other ones stood on the shelves is what made me pick this one. You can get the other ones in outlets now, but the use of the tennis ball was unique, and it created a nice little hype. It's one of the few times I chose a shoe over hype."


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