DJ Clark Kent's Top 50 Air Force 1's

DJ Clark Kent is known for producing classic rap records like "Brooklyn's Finest", and discovering Jay-Z, but the BK native has been the undisputed King of the Air Force 1 since day one. Not only does Clark's collection rival anyone in the world—yes the world, but he has also been designing Air 1s and consulting for Nike over the past few years. His "East vs. West Pack" designed alongside Eddie Cruz is on sale now at specialty boutiques around the country. Given his knowledge on the subject, we reached out to Clark to compile a list of his top 50 Air Force 1s of all time. It's a list packed with holy grails and special make-ups you've probably kicked yourself for passing on (or are still wishing/saving for). See where all your favorites ended up the top 50 by starting the countdown now...

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