On June 1, the Jordan Brand will release the sneaker pictured above to boutiques around the country. It's called the Campus Chukka, and at a $110 retail price point, the sneaker is an off-court shoe that's going to go head-to-head with the emerging lifestyle sneaker category that's currently taking over the streets.

Most people that run lifestyle footwear houses (ALIFE, Gourmet, Supra, Vans) have some Jordan fandom tucked away on their reference walls, but who knew that they'd be facing competition from the top in the next ten days? Would you buy the Campus Chukka over the Supra TK Societys or Gourmet's spring hotness? Hit the jump to see the sneakers on the market that most closely resemble the Campus Chukka, and compare notes and vote on how you'll blow left of your post-Memorial Day cash...
Jordan Chukka vs. Supra TK Society
There's no denying Jordan has been holding down that internal-lacing technique since the 13s, but yo, TK's crew killed this one. You can get the Societys for $140 at Factory 413, vs. the Campus Chukka at $110. What's really good?
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Jordan Campus Chukka vs. Gourmet L'UNO
Jordan and Gourmet are like two gangster kids playing in a sandbox full of gunpowder. Gourmet started by taking "inspired" J silos and making them in lifestyle colorways and materials, and after a little of ye olde cease-and-desist, Jordan is coming to beat the Italians at their own game. But what do you think? You can cop the L'UNOs on the Gourmet site for $75—not too shabby.
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Jordan Chukka vs. Alife Everybody High Afghan
If anyone is going to be rolling up their sleeves on this one, we're guessing it's the ALIFE dudes. The scrappy NYCers are gonna say that they own this midsole. What do you think? You can grab the Everybody High Afghans at HUF now for $110. Looks like a toss-up.
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Jordan Campus Chukka vs. Vans Chukka Boot
Vans invented the Chukka (we think), so if you're going to go classic, this is where you go. At $55 on the Vans site, the O.G. surf/skate brand seems to be killing everyone, but what do you think? Is the suede Jordan version better?
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Jordan Campus Chukka vs. Nike SB Stefan Janowski
Jordan vs. Nike has always been a tale of brand-on-brand cannibalism (Jordan Fusions anyone?), but what can you do? It's better to compete with yourself than an unworthy opponent, right? The Janowskis are deck shoe-inspired in their own way, so maybe you want to cop both (grab Stefan's shoe at Val Surf for $75). But which is better?
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