Drunk Driver Pretends to Be Owl to Elude Police

Drunk Driver Pretends to Be Owl to Elude PoliceImage via OVO

A drunk driver in Massachusetts must be a huge Animporphs fan. Police say they tried to pull over the 37-year-old man when he was spotted driving erratically. The man sped away for three-quarters of a mile, ran out of the car and into the woods, and then climbed into a tree and pretended to be an owl. It's a flawless defense because we all know owls can't drink and drive. 

The owl defense was actually his plan b. When the police first saw him in the tree, he asked if they had found the drunk driver. When police called shenanigans, the man said he was an owl. Eventually firefighters came onto the scene and dragged his ass down so he could be arrested for drunk driving, failure to stop for police, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of property damage and disturbing the peace. 

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