The Callaway Corvette Offers 610 Horsepower

The Callaway Corvette Offers 610 HorsepowerImage via Callaway

Callaway's take on the C7 Corvette is here, and it certainly looks fast. The engine has been pumped up to 610 horsepower and torque is up to 560 lb-ft. This large horsepower increase is courtesy of a Eaton TVS2300 supercharger, a new exhaust, a high flow air intake, and a larger air extraction vent on the hood. 

Apart from that, some additional badges and floor mats are had for the $22,995 cost of buying this package for a Stingray. No upgraded brakes and no finely tuned upgraded suspension. Given that the new Corvette Z06 looks absolutely perfect, includes a supercharged engine good for 625 horses and 635 lb-ft of torque, as well as an adjustable spoiler, race-bred suspension, massive carbon ceramic brakes, and a full factory warranty, we're going to reccomend waiting to see how much that Corvette costs before putting any money down.

Now, if you want a Corvette Wagon, Callaway is the only direction to turn.

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[via Callaway

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