Ford Reveals How it Kept the 2015 Mustang Hidden

Ford Reveals How it Kept the 2015 Mustang HiddenImage via Ford

Using camouflage to hide a car's shape is standard procedure, even for cars less anticipated than the 2015 Ford Mustang. Now that the new Mustang has been unveiled, Ford is also revealing all that went into camouflaging it. The company used 45 pounds of vinyl wrapping, padding, and a disguise for the roof to make the Mustang appear smaller than it really is. 

It's a good thing Ford did, too. Within an hour of Ford taking the Mustang out for a drive in public for the first time, spy photos were already online. "I would say Mustang has gotten more attention than any vehicle I've been associated with," says Raj Nair, group vice president of Ford.

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[via AOL Autos

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