Leading Car Designers Share Their Favorite Models of All Time

Leading Car Designers Share Their Favorite Models of All TimeAlfa Romeo 33 Stradale (1967)- Image via Brian Snelson on Flickr

Usually car designers (like designers in other fields) do what they do because they have a genuine love for automobiles other than the ones they create. Jonathan Schultz of Details.com wrote a feature that included the favorite car designs of five leading designers: Adrian van Hooydonk of BMW, Ian Callum of Jaguar, Martin Davis of GM, Filippo Perini of Lamborghini, and Max Wolff of Lincoln. The designers reveal why they love the cars and Schultz provides the "Backstory" and cost of each. The cars chosen were the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (1967)Buick Riviera (1965), BMW 3.0 CSL (1972-1975), Renault 4 (1961-1992) and the Smart Fortwo (1998-2013), not exactly the lineup we expected, but the designers do plead their case.

Think you can pair the designer with their car of choice? Head over to Details to see if you got them all figured out.

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[via Details]

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